“Making the decision to outsource human resources was a very thought out and analyzed decision because, in our people lies the success of our company. In Evolucione we find a strategic partner who knows and understands our needs and support us with adequate time to rapid change solutions”.

Jorge Lezama, CFO
“I want to recognize the quality and professionalism of services Evolucione offered through its team, as well as the warmth and closeness while working with them . For over 3 years we have been working with them, and they have always shown interest and immediate action to meet the expressed needs, meeting our expectations and supporting us by achieving the company’s shares goals.”

Roberto Cortés Carrasco
Director of Administration and Finance
"I would like to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the services given by your firm. It should be noted that the services that they have provided are high quality and therefore met our expectations, in addition to helping us achieve our expected results."

Lic. Carlos Soriano Valencia
Corporate human resources manager
Mesoamerica Region
"I want to inform you through this channel my gratitude for the support received by the company Evolucione, because through the working relationship, we have had for over 2 years, they have demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and a wide range of knowledge and products that have been very useful for improvements implemented in the Human Resources’ area."

Lic. María Rosa Gil Pla
Human resources manager
"By this means I am writing to you in order to widely recommend the company EVOLUCIONE , who has served as a consultant from October 2009 until February 2010. During this time the company has shown honesty and timely delivery managing to satisfy Grupo Plaza requirements."

C.P. Alejandro Covarrubias Ramírez
Administrative Director
"I am pleased to congratulate Evolucione Puebla , as its business structure has helped Consorcio Metalplástico , SA de CV to adopt best practices of large companies. Implemented the Human Resources department , structured the commercial area, supplemented the organizational chart area of operations and analysis and interpretation of financial statements, enabled us to make good decisions . Onsite services that we have received have always been timely, accurate, and with great professionalism, so we appreciate your continued collaboration."

Ing. Luis Gerardo Inman Peraldi
Managing Director